Travel Inn North Hills Review

This is my review of the Travel Inn in North Hills, CA

Room 104


Smh. The guy at the front desk barely even looked at me.  He could not find my reservation.  I had to show him and zoom in on my phone, show him the confirmation number.  I had to repeat my answers to questions multiple times, such as smoking or non-smoking.  It took a really long time to check-in and I didn’t feel very welcomed.

The Room

It’s a large room with a large closet I don’t need and a random end table in front of it, which I also don’t need.  What I could have used in this room would have been a microwave and a coffeemaker.

      • Refrigerator – Yes
      • Microwave – No
      • Coffeemaker – No

TV – Eh. Bring your HDMI cord & laptop

Has regular antennae channels plus HBO.  It’s disappointing because it’s a Smart TV with a Roku remote.  I tried to hook up the wireless to the TV to use some of the free apps on Roku, and was able to, however, the wifi connection won’t hold long enough to use any of the apps.  And one of the “good” stations which is TBS, which is heavily pixelated.

WiFi – Free but pretty slow!

I’m using my T-mobile Hotspot to stream Amazon Prime movies from my laptop to the TV via HDMI because the wifi on my hotspot is better than the hotel’s wifi.

Ice Machine – Costs 25 cents to use!  Lol.

Kinda ridiculous.  Ps. There’s a 7-Eleven within 5 mins walking distance, you don’t even have to cross Sepulveda.

There is an ice bucket in the room and 4-6 plastic cups.


Pretty clean and a decent size.  No fan, there’s a window with no screen, so a couple little flying insects have gotten in, but only a couple. Thin, small bath towels.  There’s NO place to hang towels or clothing in the bathroom.

      • Really needs hooks on the bathroom door to hold your towel!
      • Only 1 roll of tp was provided

Clientele / Noise

The wall towards the parking lot and the wall behind the closet are both very thin, as is the ceiling above the closet and bathroom.  I could hear lots of walking over the closet and when I’m in the bathroom.  And I can hear everyone who walks by the door.  At night, it was a little loud in the parking lot, a bit of activity, although it was a Friday night.


Overpriced for the quality and location.  I paid $190 for 2 nights, which is basically the best I could really get in the LA area for a Friday & Saturday night, but I wasn’t happy about it.  This place is a $60/night hotel.


I wouldn’t walk around by myself at night, but during the day it’s totally fine.  It’s located right on Sepulveda which is a busy road, and you can walk to a bunch of places including 7-Eleven, McDonald’s, and there’s the Kountry Folk Restaurant right across the parking lot.

Conclusion:  An OK budget stay in LA.  If you can get it for $60-70 a night, it’s decent.  I haven’t seen any bed bugs or roaches or burn marks in the sheets.  So far, I would stay again, but I wouldn’t want to stay on a weekend and overpay.

Things To Improve:

      • Add microwave & coffeemaker to rooms
      • Needs better wifi
      • Needs hooks on the bathroom door for towels
      • Needs security latch on door
      • Friendlier front desk.  Hire someone with actual customer service skills!  Seems like it’s the owner possibly who works the front desk and he’s just not personable.