How to Hashtag for Instagram

How to Hashtag for Instagram

(and other social media networks)
in order to gain the Most Views
(then Likes & Followers)


WHY hashtag?

Because if you do NOT hashtag, NO ONE will see your post except for those who are already following you!
How??  The hashtags group related photos into a related photo feed.
If you don’t label your photos, they can’t be added to any photo feeds for those words.


Timing is Everything!

Don’t post when no one’s looking!
I’ve posted before at the wrong time and have gotten little to no likes,
deleted said post, and RE-posted at another better time,
and received tons of likes.


Now some Tips & Guidelines!


1 – You’re allowed up to 30 hashtags on a single post on Instagram.  You should use them all!

Tip:  Compile lists of 30 hashtags onto Notes on your phone, so that you can easily copy & paste them later.

Note: Count properly!  If you use 31 hashtags, NONE of them will post.


2 – Hashtag First & Foremost – Make sure you add the hashtags to the CAPTION of the post and at the same time as the initial posting.

You will see people sometimes commenting on their own photos with hashtags.
This does NOTHING.

You’ll see people commenting with hashtags on other people’s posts.
This ALSO does nothing.

The only hashtags that MATTER are the ones that are in your CAPTION on your OWN photos.


3 – Use mostly popular, subject-relevant hashtags, but also throw in a few trending hashtags, and maybe a couple branding hashtags.

For example:  Let’s say you have an amazing AirBnB listing in Los Angeles and posted a photo of the sunset view from your balcony on Memorial Day.

Relevant Hashtags:  #amazing #airbnb #la #losangeles #sunset #sunsetphotography #views #airbnbhost #travel #travelphotography #travelblogger #beautiful #balcony

Trending Hashtags:  #MemorialDay #happymemorialday #monday #mondaymood


Branding Hashtags:  #YourOwnIGName


4 – Hashtags are Ugly (but Necessary) – If you are simultaneously posting to your Facebook & Twitter (via linked accounts), then you’ll want to place the most important 5 hashtags or so, in the FIRST line of your caption.

Long hashtag lists can get aesthetically ugly, which is why you’ll see people using line-returns to separate the caption from the hashtag list.


For ex:

Amazing sunset #Hollywood views from our #luxury #LA #Airbnb! Better than a hotel! @AirBnb #travelblog
#sunse t#views #gorgeous #travel #romantic #vacation #getaway #losangeles #summer #traveling #travelblogger #sunsetphotography #landscape #outdoors #travelphotography #tourist


5.  @tag the big brand names if you are doing something related to their company, and format your caption in a way that is flattering to the company so that they will re-share your post. You should @tag them in your caption and also tag them on the photo if it’s related.

For example:  If you post a beautiful photo of your Starbucks coffee and tag @Starbucks in both the caption and photo, they may share it to their feed or leave a comment on your feed, bringing more traffic.  (this works great on Twitter)


Ps.  You CAN edit your captions later and add new hashtags, and this WILL bump them back into the photo feeds for those words, however, you don’t get the impact as you would had you used those words in the initial post.  I don’t know why this is.  But once in a while, I’ll go back to an old post of mine, add a few new hashtags or change them, and I’ll see a few new likes for that post.  It does something but not much.


To Gain Likes & Followers is another post…

And Proper Timing for Posting is another post…

But to quickly tip you on posting timing — Use your Brain!  (that’s what my mom would say!)

    • Like, if you’re going to post a picture of a sunset, do it at sunset.
    • If you’re going to post a picture of breakfast, do it at breakfast time.  (and tag #breakfast words!)
    • Think about when people are mostly on Instagram.
    • During the weekdays, they’re mostly on before work, during lunch, and late night.
    • Don’t post on Saturday afternoons – No one (should be) is on their Instagram, they’re out doing things (to post later!)
    • Late nights on Saturday is good though cuz they’re back from their nights out and laying in bed just looking at IG.

(an infographic I started and never finished)