Hair & Style, Dutch Magazine | Rene Fris, Make-up & Hair

This shoot was for a Dutch magazine, it might have been called Hair & Style.

What I remember about this shoot is that it was an unpaid shoot.  I think I had asked my agents at Ford to set up some test shoots for my new hair cut, or maybe they had told me they were going to, and anyway, they offered me this shoot which was an unpaid test, however it would be published, and the make-up/hair stylist was also one of their represented talent, Rene Fris.  

I remember I had to leave work early or maybe I went during work, I can’t remember, but Travelocity had relocated to Chinatown and this shoot happened to take place within walking distance from my job.

I remember thinking Rene was good looking, but obviously gay, and while doing my make-up he asked me if I could do my mascara myself.  I said ok and he handed me a mirror and the mascara wand, which I promptly used, blinked and f*cked up, getting eyelash black dots on my check, he rolled his eyes and fixed it for me, then didn’t bother asking me if I could do the curler myself.  He knew I couldn’t. 

Anyway, despite the uncomfortable make-up chair sitting, the shoot was fast and good, I think they were both pleased with the shots.

Months later, I went to the magazine stand in Grand Central station (since they had international magazines) to search for this tear sheet, which I found.  While I was searching, I was approached by a talent manager, Steve Tannenbaum, and then we had coffee at Central Cafe, the one right under the little bridge on 42st street.

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