Gynies is the perfect place for a Women’s Health Site or a company offering women’s health services!

A database of gynecologists and reviews
A gynecology group
A women’s reproductive health site


Gynies is a cute, catchy name to build a database of gynecologists! is short – only 6 letters, easy to create a memorable logo!



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Similar Domains Sold
(sources: GoDaddy & Namebio) – $27,555 – $10,000 – $6,300 – $6,300 – $5,000 – $2,250

There isn’t currently a premier site for gynecologists. was purchased for over $27K but currently is an ugly parked page stating it’s for sale. is for sale by Uniregistry and I’d guess they want over 10K if not 20k for it. is another ugly parked page.…same ugly parked page.  Might be the same owner for all three. leads to a bad gateway error page.

Anyway… GYNIES is the perfect name tho.  When a girl asks her friend for a referral, she’ll ask “who’s your gynie?” would be a great place for a Yelp! type database of gynecologists and reviews, where women can write about their experience and refer their favorite gynies.