Dropped Domain Names

This is just for information, but here’s a list of domains I DROPPED and others have picked up!

Why am I listing these?

Well, for one – even though it hurts a little bit, lol, it also helps me to re-affirm that I DO know how to name domains; I’m great with brandable names, and keyword names, and made-up domain names.

I’ve had to drop some domains over the years, because as a private seller, ie private domain owner, I have to pay for the registrations yearly for each domain name myself, and it becomes expensive to renew so many domain names. 

You have to let go sometimes, and keep the ones you think are the best.

Also, on the other hand, while I might have dropped some of these domain names – most of them haven’t sold yet anyway, and they might not sell for a while, or may NEVER sell.

Domains Dropped

Dropped DomainPicked Up ByCurrently
AdvertisingAccount.comHugeDomains.comfor sale for $2995
BleuSoft.comPrivate SellerFor sale on Afternic
BodCam.comPrivate SellerFor sale on Sedo for $2500
CasualBlack.comHugeDomains.comfor sale for $2395
ChrisBrands.comHugeDomains.comfor sale for $3095
ChrisDB.comEnd UserIn Use
FacePhases.comHugeDomains.comfor sale for $2495
FreeFilmStream.comPrivate Sellerfor sale on Undeveloped for $480
GetOneForFree.comfor sale by LaunchForce
GirlSext.comHugeDomains.comfor sale for $995
GoButtons.comHugeDomains.comfor sale for $4095
LearnYogaFree.comEnd UserIn Use
MenMat.comHugeDomains.comfor sale for $3095
Ð Parked on GoDaddyEnd UserParked
NamesThatSell.comPrivate SellerFor sale on Afternic
OddTee.comEnd UserIn Use
PricingChart.comfor sale on DomainNameSales.com
RootDevice.comPrivate Sellerfor sale on Undeveloped
SalesHistory.netPrivate Sellerfor sale on Undeveloped
SeeCape.comEnd UserIn Use
WareDog.comHugeDomains.comfor sale for $2395
Yahdsale.comEnd UserIn Use
YogaOh.comEnd UserUnder construction

Well, for one, whoever’s doing the buying at HugeDomains.com really likes my domain name picks! However, they haven’t SOLD these domains yet, so I don’t feel too bad about dropping them.