Domain Marketplace Brokers Reviews

This post will be an ongoing mini-blog of my experiences using some of the domain brokers / brand name marketplaces like BrandBucket and Namerific, and other common domain buying and selling sites like Afternic, GoDaddy, and Sedo.

2008 – Sold via private inquiry thru my whois registration email. Used Sedo to process the sale.  Since then, I’ve had a handful of bids on various domain names, but no further sales.

2019 – Sold via Buy Now on GoDaddy’s Premium Listinga… right before they changed it to this merged “Afternic-powered” system.

2019 – BrandBucket has accepted 3 out of 25 of my submitted domain names.  Seems to take 1-3 weeks to get rejected or approved, and then another week or two at least to have approved names go live on the site.

BrandPa didn’t approved me for an account based on the 10 domains I submitted to them.

Namerific accepted 4 domains out of my entire portfolio, which I was able to send them in list form via email.  They got back to me within 1-2 days and helped me with pricing.  I chose to list 2 out of the 4 accepted domain names as I feel like the other 2 are worth more than what Namerific suggested.