Conair Quick Braid 

What I remember about this shoot was having to get a manicure before showing up.  “Use clear pink polish and save your receipt”  It was my first manicure and I went to the place on the corner of 7th & 18th by my old job because someone at my new job told me to go to Koreans or Russians if I wanted a good manicure.  I went to Koreans cuz I knew the place and I didn’t want the Russians to push my cuticles back so hard as Yelena had joyfully described.

I recall having to stay later than the other two girls because I ended up as the “hand model” for the box, which was super irritating.  They had someone stand behind me and hold my arm steady.  I remember the model on the right is Black and Japanese, which I thought was a beautiful mix, and the final photos didn’t justify her at all.

This gig paid about $3500.  The fun part was later, when I was in Hong Kong, my roommate Alana and I saw this product in a store, with me on the box.

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