BrandPa vs BrandBucket

For my own reference and yours, this post is to document the differences between BrandBucket and BrandPa, as I’m trying out both services.


  • Currently costs $1 per domain submission (except you can’t buy less than 10 credits = $10)
  • Approval or rejection takes 3-4 weeks, though their site says they do their best to review submissions in 72 hours.


  • Must first submit 10 domains for review to be approved for a BrandPa account.  Must also check all the boxes requiring exclusivity if domains are listed with BrandPa.
  • Not easy to be approved for an account, which is counterintuitive because what if you have 1 or 2 domains that WOULD sell on their sell?

The interesting thing about BrandBucket was that I re-submitted one domain name that I had submitted 2 years ago in 2017 and had been rejected, and this time it was accepted with a suggested listing price of $7995!

So, this gave me renewed hope that some of the names I own will catch up to the times (or vice versa) and currently rejected names will be approved in a 1-2 years.  The other thing is, it seems these brand marketplaces do not accept domains which are newly registered, so perhaps after “aging” them a bit, they will be accepted.

Also, I’ve had plenty of dropped domain names, which were then picked up by other domainers such as HugeDomains.  So I know my names are good, even if BrandPa doesn’t.


Clear Winner:  – They have a decently strict approval process for domain names, but at least you have the option to submit any and all domain names that you want, and allow each domain to be approved or rejected on its own merit.  BrandPa won’t even allow you to have an account.