BrandDo Review

Here’s my review of’s domain brokering / domain marketplace service.

It’s a bait & switch and seeks to make money with little fees. Here’s how:

First, I submitted 21 domain names.  All but 1 were rejected.  The domain approval / rejection time was less than 24 hours.

I go to list the 1 domain name that they did accept.

They offer me 3 listing plans with fees of $5.99, 9.99, and $29.99.

The only difference between the $5.99 and the $9.99 is one social media post (must choose between Instagram and Facebook) and a 30 day “feature” on their site.  I checked out Branddo’s Instagram and they have less followers than I do and their Facebook has only 175 likes.  So, the social media aspect of this is not worth it.

I chose the $5.99 which minus the $5.00 initial credit for signing up an account should have resulted in a $.99 cost to list for my first domain name and my one and only domain name name that Branddo had accepted.

I go to the page to Add Credits and voila! The minimum amount you can add is $25.  Preposterous!

So, you want me to spend an extra $24… oh, plus the $1.49 Paypal fee they mention, so you want me to spend $25.49 for what should have cost $.99 ?

“Free to list” is a bait and switch.  Even the $5.00 doesn’t allow you a single free listing.

NO Thank you Branddo.  I’ll shop my domain name elsewhere!