Bug Tracker | Math App | Money App is a perfect brandable name for a bug tracking software, bug tracking app, or bug tracking system.  It would also make a cute mascot for a children’s math teaching site or math learning app.  AddBug could also be a highly brandable name for a new money management system, whether it’s an app for budgeting your money, or a more

  • Best bug tracking system.
  • Best bug tracking software.
  • Math app for kids.
  • Money tracking app for budgeting and financial management.

Customers and clients will also benefit from a dedicated bug tracking url where they can add bugs easily and view updated status reports on fixed bugs.

A Google search for “add bug” comes up with over a billion results.  The first page, top listings are major companies, including managing bugs for Microsoft, GitHub and OpenProject, a bug tracking software called Jira Software, another bug tracking software called, as well as Adobe‘s dedicated bug reporting page.

AddBug is also a really cute name for a children’s math app or name for a character who could teach math to children!

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