Premium Domain Names

Here are some Premium Domain Names and Keyword Domain Names that I’ve collected over the years.  Inquire to own any of the domains below or submit a bid right now to start the negotiation process!  All reasonable offers considered.

Premium Brandable Names – Online bug tracking software, troubleshooting support site, children’s math app, or a bug extermination company. – a great, powerful brand name for a corporation, a mobile development company, financial services company, or technology co. – a professional sounding brand name for a business – This could be the next Facebook or Amazon!  So easy to say, spell, remember, and design graphics for. Your r00m could be your place to network all your social media accounts together. It could be an amazing online shopping hub for any ROOM in your house!  This is a unique domain name.  I have the Twitter @r00mcom. – awesome domain for technology eduction or any tech company.  make #technicated a hashtag! – a social network – a premium brandable name they haven’t heard of yet! Vrooth sounds FAST.  It sounds edgy and modern.  Lots of possibilities for this one!

Tech Brand Names

These domain names are great brand names for tech companies, names for mobile apps, and website names for online services. – a great name for a mobile app or website to track followers on social media.  This domain is available on – a great name for a supplementary app to Instagram. – A new social networking site. A Cellular or digital cable company.  Anything technological that says high-speed! – i mean, don’t we all really want to know?  Great landing page for redirecting traffic.

Brand Names for Products – originally purchased for a mobile app game, this cute domain name could be an online toy store, or re-direct page to your main site of the traffic searching for bottles of bubbles.

Domain Names for Photographers – Great as a separate headshots portfolio for a headshot photographer or landing page to track advertising traffic from promotions.  Would also make a great database site for actor headshot photographers where you could charge for Featured Listing. – this is what you’d call a “long-tailed keyword” domain name.  It’s ideally used for a NY photographer who would like to either separate their headshot portfolio from their main photography site, or use it as a landing page for tracking sales and conversions on advertisements.  Get it?  If you do, you’d get it. – a local site for NY Headshot Photographers!  Most of the good NY headshot sites are taken.  I got this one, but I’m not shooting people anymore so make me any offer I can’t refuse. – a great name for a photography studio or printing company!

Domain Name for Car Company

Brand Name for Dog Business – I bought this site to turn it into a store for big dogs, specifically clothing for big dogs since it’s so hard to find cute outfits for larger dogs, whereas tiny dogs have surplus in fashion choices! I never got a chance to build the site, but you could!

Brand Name for Children’s Education Business

Domain Names for Travel Sites – Derived from “Can Go RoBot” – a great unique brand name for a travel site! – Financial advisors or financial consulting firm in NY, a budget travel agent for planning a trip to NYC, or any low-priced service in NY. – this would be a great site for any service local to LaGuardia Airport in NYC.  It would be a great landing page for tracking ads to your travel site. – would be a great supplemental site to the r00m brand!  i envision this as a place for people to list rooms for rent and find roommates to live with.

Domain Names for Bloggers – This is a funny, catchy name that would be great for a humor news site, a collection of funny memes, or a personal blog. Great for comedians!

Domain Name for Restaurant – Great site to put a Chinese food menu or online food delivery ordering site.  It would also be a great place for an Eastern based diet plan or blog.  Also, if you have a restaurant or food product named Tao, Eat Tao would be a great moniker for your brand.

Domain Names for Fashion – Kinda self-explanatory; a cute, niche name for a tank top retail shop! – TreJean would be a great name for a clothing line, a blogger site, or as a stage name for an artist. – a cool place to put unique t-shirts; graphic tees, funny tees, strange tees, you get the picture.